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  • Wolff Parkinson White

    Wolff Parkinson White has been programming hard-to-listen-to electronic music since 2007, often described as "this confuses me".

    The moniker the NYC jazz drummer Jochen Rueckert is hiding behind refers to an innate heart disease he suffered from until ablation at age 19, best described as faulty wiring of the heart resulting in episodes of rapid irregular heartbeat that his music's signature erratic rhythmic complexity are reminiscent of.

    Audio-reactive-visuals and random function-aided improvisation enable Wolff Parkinson White to perform unique live sets with his embarrassingly thick PC laptop.
    Although polyrhythm, alternate tuning systems, and absurd audio processing dominate much of his music, a skilled sense for harmony and song structure shines through, especially on efforts with guests singers like Gabriel Kahane and Norah Jones on the album "Favours"

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    Wolff Parkinson White has released 7 full length albums and a slew of EPs and remixes, including releases on Detroit Underground and GroundUP.


    The recent release "Superbia" is most resembling a live set as it is live mixed in real time.


    As Jochen is often touring in various places with his jazz projects and travel cost for the single-person project is so low, a Wolff Parkinson White show is surprisingly easy to organize. For booking please contact jochensucks@gmail.com