This series of ebooks has hundreds of self-timer pictures of Jochen in his hotel room du jour and dozens of little anecdotes about the inanities of traveling as a jazz musician. You can buy the .epub files here and then read them on any computer or mobile device

    Volume 1 and 3 feature a beautiful foreword from Hayden Chisholm

    Peter Hum writes in his top 10 jazz for bookworms list of 2013:

    "Rueckert’s is a must-read, if rambling, reality check. His marvelously aware, painstaking accounts of shabby treatment at the hands of airline staff, promoters, baristas and the like, told in a second-person stream-of-consciousness, evoke sympathy and schadenfreude in equal amounts."

    I recommend using Calibre ebook viewer on windows or mac computers-

    Readera on Androids

    Use whatever app Apple decided recently to force you to use for .epub on your Ipad or Iphone - probably "Apple books" at the moment.

    Most devices can now download directly from the email link you will get. Some Apple phones might not let you do it, it keeps changing. Make sure you have a solid WiFi connection as books are 85-200 MB

    Please note that some of the the material was written around 2008 before the dawn of smart phones and features not very cool behaviour (smoking in non-smoking hotel rooms) and thoughts (light misogyny) sometimes described with outdated, questionable, and unwoke language. The author's opinions have since evolved. The first few Volumes do not have line breaks and are hard to read (on purpose). Volume 1 and 2 have been re-formatted and spell checked in 2023.

  • Read the Rueckert Volume 5

    download - 5 bucks- It's an .epub file

  • Read the Rueckert Volume 4

    download - 5 bucks- It's an .epub file

  • Read the Rueckert Volume 3

    download - 5 bucks- It's an .epub file

  • Read the Rueckert Volume 2

    download - 5 bucks- It's an .epub file

    (this one is not very well formatted)