• Instructional video series

    I've been teaching increasingly: private lessons at home and on the road, masterclasses, workshops and occasional lessons for the New School in NYC. I almost always come across some common problems. For those unable to come to see me in person, I have teamed up with a pro cameraman, video editor, recording engineer, and a decent espresso machine to create these videos covering some of the topics most discussed during teaching. I have over 25 years of experience playing all over the world, with jazz artists like Kurt Rosenwinkel, the Melissa Aldana trio, the Marc Copland trio, Sam Yahel, Nils Wogram's Root 70 as well as leading and composing for my own Quartet with Lage Lund and Mark Turner.

    Each episode is around 20 minutes and focuses on one topic so you don't have to buy videos on topics you don't need or want advice on.

    Includes English subtitles

    Chinese subtitles for episode 1-4


    Japanese subtitles for episodes 1 and 2



    Download instructions:

    You're downloading a mkv file, which includes a video, subtitles and file(s) Please make sure you download on a device that can download mkv files ( Ipads and Iphones sometimes will not ) and make sure you're on a solid internet connection, as the files are between 120- 300 MB. Once downloaded, use VLC player to play back.
    The webstore has a limit of 10 download attempts to prevent phishing- if you accidentally exceed this, please email me to reset the link.


    each episode is $9.99




    here is a little interview about the video series on

    Jon Mc Caslin's blog


    This first episode focuses on improving your general time, swing time feel, feathering the bass drum and has some tips on playing fast.

    Just over 20 minutes - includes English, Chinese and Japanese subtitles

    This second episode contains pretty much everything i have to say about playing brushes.

    21 and a half minutes, includes English, Chinese and Japanese subtitles.

    This third episode is a collection of things I hear people do all wrong, over and over

    Just over 19 minutes, includes English and Chinese subtitles.

    This fourth episode focuses on the way I like to practice improvising and soloing

    Just shy of 20 minutes, includes English and Chinese subtitles.

    This fifth episode focuses on everything connected to touch and sound, including ways I hold a stick, where I hit a cymbal, but also what cymbals and sticks I use for example

    Just over 23 minutes, includes English subtitles and a the email that you will get from the store will have an equipment list

    This sixth episode focuses on getting comfortable in odd meters like 5/4 and 7/4 as well as more composite time signatures, like 15/8.

    Just shy of 20 minutes, includes English subtitles.

    This seventh Episode offers some thoughts on how to interact in a band, some tips on playing in 2, and how to navigate original music. Around 17 and a half minutes. Includes English subtitles.


    This eighth episode outlines my general influences as a composer - especially besides jazz, and offers some thoughts about 4 of my songs from "we make the rules ": Alloplasty, Yellow Bottoms, Saul Goodman, and Pretty From Afar

    This one is extra long - almost 38 minutes - includes English subtitles

    This ninth episode focuses on background and analysis of 4 songs off my album Charm Offensive: Purring Excellence, 5-Hydroxytryptamine, Stretchmark, Charm Offensive, as well as Hayden Chisholm's arrangement of "Just friends" from my very first album "introduction".

    33 and a half minutes, includes English subtitles

    This tenth episode focuses on answering the question : "who are your greatest influences as a drummer ?". I discuss all of the ones that made a big impact on me, specially when I was in my early 20's, try to explain why, and give listening examples. The email that you will get from the store will have a list of each drummer's records that I listened to a lot. This is the final episode and it's close to 43 minutes long. Includes English subtitles.