Wolff Parkinson White is Jochen's electronic music programming alias. Rhythmic complexity, experimental sounds, and harmonic coherence are distinguishing factors.

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    From Listener reviews: "Relentless, impeccably designed and absurd. Reminds me of early-2000s Venetian Snares in a very good way.. to the point where I haven't been this unsure if I'm listening to something with deep meaning or an album hung upon genital jokes since then"

    "I want to be this album when I grow up"

    "This confuses me"

  • here are some clips from recent live shows and streams as well as clips from the interactive A/V installation "Buttonesque" at Moers festival 2022. You can find full sets at the bottom of this page

    clips from 2022 live shows

    clips from streaming + live 2020- 2022


    "Buttonesque" interactive A/V installation Moers 2022

    "Buttonesque" interactive A/V installation Moers 2022

  • Releases

     "Zugzwang" is a collaborative album with electronic musician WIlliam Fields released by Superpang late 2023

  • Wolff Parkinson White goes algorithmic. "Superbia" consists of tracks conceived by patchworks of random functions, harnessed to listenable chunks by live mixing with minimal interference. 2022

  • "Off World" - A collaborative album with Hayden Chisholm on vocals is an album from mid 2021-

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  • "Veritable Rapunzel" is an album from early 2021

  • "Favours" is an album from 2020 featuring guest singers Natalie Beridtze, Norah Jones, Gabriel Kahane and others

  • "ErSieIhnUm" is a 6 song EP for Detroid Underground. 2014

  • "Gonaïve"is a 6 song EP with a slightly more Dub feel. The novelty of Jochen using samples of his own drumming on each song sets this one apart from the other releases. 2014

  • "forlorn" is an album from 2012

  • "rest from what" is an album from 2010

  • a remix for the leboeuf brothers 2013