• "Obstacles" Blue Note Beijing June 2019

    Mark Turner, Lage Lund, and Matt Penman

    "Rainbow Road" May2022 at Loft, Cologne Mark Turner
    Nils Wogram Joris Roelofs and Doug Weiss

    "purring excellence" live at Smalls in December 2017

    Mike Moreno, Joe Martin, and Mark Turner



    "Billy's bounce" at Cornelia street cafe (RIP) June 2018

    Melissa Aldana, Matt Penman and Lage Lund


    "Pretty from afar" live at Smalls February 2019

    Chris Cheek, Lage Lund, and Matt Penman


    "The Fluffer" at the Gene Harris jazz festival in Boise, ID March 2022 Brian Charette Troy Roberts